Gloria's Yoga Center

Our mission is to teach participants healthy daily routines while learning Gentle Hatha Yoga asanas and Easy and Practical Meditation routines. We honor the divinity of all souls and the teachings of all enlightenment traditions.

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About Us

Gloria Donohue-Little has been practicing and teaching Traditional Gentle Hatha Yoga and Simple Steps to Meditation, for over 30 years. She has taught at the Shawnee Mission Unitarian Church, The Movement Center, the Johnson County Parks and Recreation 50 Plus Program in the Overland Park, Kansas. She has also facilitated Gentle Hatha Yoga during retreats at the Center for Spiritual Awareness in Lakemont, Georgia.

Twice a year Gloria attends HathaYoga and Meditation workshops for Ministers, Teachers and students at the Center for Spiritual Awareness (CSA). She has been ordained as a minister and initiated into Kriya Yoga by Roy Eugene Davis (, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. Gloria is certified to teach Hatha Yoga and Meditation.

As a minister and representative of Center for Spiritual Awareness (CSA) Gloria teaches meditation, gives instruction on Kriya Yoga and initiates those serious students interested in Kriya Yoga.

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Gloria's Yoga Center


We practice Kriya Yoga and Hatha Yoga.

Meditation intstruction in the Kriya Tradition and initiation provided. Basic Easy Guide to Meditation Instruction, is used.

The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit which means "Yoke," to join together harmoniously the physical, mental and spiritual "bodies" and by doing so, giving way to complete "health" and harmony in our lives!

    During our Hatha Yoga sessions you will:
    • Become more limber
    • Strengthen your joints and muscles
    • Strengthen and refine your central nervous system
    • Use and learn proper breathing techniques
    • Calm your mind
    • Improve your concentration
    • Get an overall feeling of wellness and joy
Classes conclude with a period of relaxation and meditation.

Kriya Yoga definition
*Kriya Yoga Instruction in the U.S., Central and South Americas,and Spain

Our skills

  • Yoga Instruction
  • Meditation Instruction
  • Spanish Translation
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Business Consultant
  • Kriya Yoga *


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  • "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you have done for me over the past year – and the years before. You and yoga have truly changed my life's path and I am so glad that I have been able to work with you and learn from you."
    Elizabeth Franklin,Hatha Yoga Student and Instructor
  • "In a gentle way Gloria offers encouragement without being judgmental. In a calm soothing manner, she manages to advance from the simple asanas to more demanding ones. An atmosphere of calm prevails. We proceed at our own pace. With understanding and wisdom she has shared her experiences with the class."
    Alice Carroll, Travel Consultant
  • "Gloria, I liked the yoga in chairs but more importantly the meditation class. It helped me understand better what steps to focus on to begin with and then with practice and daily commitment it becomes more automatic. I'm thankful and grateful that our paths have crossed and value you as a mentor and friend." "To your health, happiness & success."
    Debbie Habbeck Williams, Consultant - Edge of Grace
  • "I love your Yoga class. I thought I would never find one as good as yours. You make it happen and I thank you for being there!"
    Cheryl Intrater – Hatha Yoga student
  • "We have been learning and practicing Hatha Yoga with Gloria for the past fifteen years. She is an excellent teacher! She guides us throughout the session in a very descriptive and non-judgmental manner. We have noticed steady improvement in our posture, our breathing and overall limberness in our bodies. Our involvement in yoga has helped our stress management. We highly recommend Gloria to our friends and acquaintances!"
    Mohan and Kathleen Gupta - Hatha Yoga Students

Meditation Practice

"For personal benefit and spiritual growth, meditation is a natural process of withdrawing attention from external conditions and directing it inward to a chosen focus of concentration.

The beneficial side-benefits of regular meditation practice have been widely reported in a variety of secular news magazines and newspapers. These can include stress reduction, strengthening of the body's immune system, better organized thought processes, improved powers of concentration, enhanced powers of memory, refinement and enlivening of the nervous system, awakening of regenerative energies, slowing of biologic aging processes, development of the capacities of the brain to process perceptions and states of consciousness, and orderly functioning of the body's organs, glands, and systems. For these reasons, regular meditation practice is now increasingly recommended by many physicians and other health practitioners."

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Links / Resources

Center For Spiritual Awarness

Spiritual Director: Roy Eugene Davis

Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual Director: Ellen Grace O'Brian

El Centro de tu Corazón

Chris and Carolina Sartain Ministers

Materials used for the Meditation Study Group

An Easy Guide to Meditation*

Seven Lessons in Conscious Living*

*publications written by Roy Eugene Davis

The Sanskrit word kriya means "action."

Yoga can mean the practices used to facilitate overall well-being and spiritual growth, or oneness-consciousness: the final result of practice.


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11607 West 144th Place
Olathe, KS 66062


For schedules and to register, please call

We also offer Private and Semi-Private classes

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